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Roxane Lee, M. S.,  Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

studio policies

Lee Piano Studio Policies for August 2021–August 2022

The policy is strictly enforced and applies to all students and the parents/guardians of students under 21 years old, studying piano at Lee Piano Studio. 

Tuition and Payment:

Tuition reserves a lesson time specifically for a student, is not refundable and will increase periodically to reflect the cost of living.  Tuition is paid in 10 equal monthly payments the 15th of each month starting in August 15 through May 15.  Payment received after the 15th of the month incurs a $15 late fee.  Tuition that is mailed to the studio must arrive by the 15th of the month.

Monthly tuition fees: Private Lessons:  60-minutes: xx   45-minutes: XX
30-minutes (for preschoolers) XX

A registration/materials fee of $100 reserves a student’s time in the teaching schedule. The fee defrays the cost of music given to and borrowed by the students, incentive programs, CDs, and rental fees for concert venues. If more than one child from a family is enrolled at the same time, the fee is $80 the first sibling and $60 for the second sibling.  The registration/materials fee will be refunded if the student cannot be placed in the teaching schedule for the 2021-22 school year.  Student events that are sponsored by organizations outside the studio are not included in this fee.  Checks should be made payable to Roxane Lee. There is a $25 fee charged for returned checks.

Summer Lessons:

The summer policy is flexible, and students can pay for the number of lessons they wish to take at the first lesson of the summer.

Schedule Changes/Swap List

A student’s lesson time cannot be changed after the second week of lessons.  Registration reserves a specific lesson time for that student, which that student keeps for the remainder of the school year.  If a student needs to change his lesson time for one week due to a schedule conflict, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian if the student is a minor, to reschedule the lesson by contacting another parent/guardian of a student on the Swap List and to notify the studio of the change 24 hours in advance.  Tuition will be forfeited if a swap cannot be arranged with 24 hours’ notice.

Cancellations/Studio Closings

No rescheduled lessons are given for cancellations made by students.  If the teacher has to reschedule a lesson, two alternate dates will be offered to the student.  If the student cannot make it either of those times, the lesson will be forfeited.  If a student does not show up for a lesson, that lesson is forfeited.

Studio closings are listed in the studio calendar found at leepianostudio.com.  The calendar, which is subject to change, includes 3 weeks of unscheduled closings.

Online Lessons

Online lessons will be given if the teacher determines that this format is in the best interest of the students’ and teacher’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic.  Students may also take online lessons in the case of inclement weather or illness.  Online lessons are equivalent to in-person lessons and tuition will be charged accordingly.  Photos of the student’s music should be sent to the teacher at least an hour before an online lesson.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program and Performance Opportunities

RCM Students Level 5 must be enrolled in 60-minute lessons to participate.  Level 6 students and above must have 90-min. of instruction time per week. Informal performances (group class) and/or community concerts are open to all students and memorization of pieces is not required.  Participation is expected.  Participation in events sponsored by other music organizations is at the teacher’s discretion. The teacher reserves the right to withdraw a student from an event if the student is not sufficiently prepared.

All students 18 years and under are expected to perform in the formal studio recitals, held twice a year.  Memorization of solo pieces performed at the formal recitals is required for participation.  It is expected that the audience at the recitals will act in a respectful and courteous manner and give the performers their full attention. 


A student taking piano lessons should practice on an acoustic piano, tuned twice a year.  If a student only has access to a digital instrument, it is recommended that a student use it for no more than the first year of lessons.  Beyond the first year of lessons, a student who practices only on a digital instrument will not receive the full benefit of piano lessons, as it is not possible to fully or effectively develop technique or musicality unless an acoustic piano is used for practice.  Students should have an adjustable bench, a working metronome and a pedal extender, if they are unable to reach the pedals of the piano.  The teacher may be contacted for recommended models and sources.


A student’s practice should be focused on achieving specific goals.  Daily practice equal or longer than the student’s lesson time produces the best results.  Students who practice less than the recommended amount can expect slower progress.  It is the student’s responsibility to practice daily and effectively.  Effective practice should include practice at a slow tempo with careful attention to detail, active listening and self-assessment.  If needed, a parent should supervise the practice time of the student as much as possible.  Parents of students who are minors should check the weekly assignment sheet during the week to make sure that everything on the assignment has been practiced or completed.
Teacher, Parent and Student Communication

Studio communication is sent by email.  Students are encouraged to contact the teacher if any questions arise during the week.

Student and Parent Attendance

Students should arrive and depart from their lessons promptly.  Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time.  Your lesson time begins and ends at the scheduled time.  If you are late, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time.  Parents are encouraged to observe lessons regularly, especially for students 13 and under, in order to help the student practice during the week.  Parents should be silent observers and reserve questions for the end of the lesson.  If the teacher finds that the parent is disrupting the lesson, parent observation privileges will be withdrawn for that parent.

Studio Environment and Personal Hygiene

Please do not wear cologne or perfume when you come to lessons.  I am very sensitive to strong scents.

Remove your shoes and place them on the shoe tray on the inside of the door.  No food or beverages are allowed inside the studio, including gum or candy.
A student’s hands should be clean and nails should be trimmed short.  Nails will be trimmed at the lesson if they are too long to make it possible to play with the correct hand position.  Use hand sanitizer before and after touching the piano.


The teacher can dismiss a student for reasons including but not limited to: excessive absence, absence from studio events without explanation or notice, repeated failure to pay tuition promptly, lack of progress due to lack of practice,  disrespect to the teacher or other students, and abuse of studio property.  Once dismissed, a student may not continue studying piano at Lee Piano Studio.

Termination of Lessons/Liability Waiver   One month of paid notice is required if a student wishes to discontinue lessons.  The notice must be made in writing and signed by the parent if the student is a minor.  Lee Piano Studio and Roxane Lee are released from any liabilities or injuries that result from the enrolled student participating in piano lessons, piano recitals, group classes, and piano events within and outside of the studio.