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Roxane Lee, M. S.,  Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

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What do I need for my child to begin piano lessons?

Congratulations on allowing your child to experience the joy and many benefits learning and playing piano! The following items are a must to provide the best learning experience for your child.

An adjustable bench.  https://cpsimports.com/Index.html 

A metronome, or metronome app.  Metronomeonline.com is a free web-based metronome.

A piano (preferably acoustic), or daily access to a piano.

I strongly recommend investing in an acoustic piano rather than a keyboard.  A student who is practicing on a keyboard at home cannot fully apply what is taught at the lesson, because a keyboard does not have the same touch or response as a piano. If you are not ready to invest in a piano, renting a piano is a great alternative.

Faust Harrison in Fairfield, CT,  and Steinway also have rent-to-own programs.   If you're looking for an upright, it is best to invest in one that is at least 48" in height, as they have a much better sound that something shorter, like a spinet. 

Here are links to local piano showrooms.


Buying a piano is a big investment, and it's important to do research so that you're well-informed when making a purchase.   "The Best of Piano Buyer" by Larry Fine is an excellent resource, and there is a supplement that provides a price guide.

Lastly, and equally importantly, is that your child will need your presence while practicing and your support. Most young children require parental supervision on a daily basis while practicing.  Parents are always welcome to observe their child's lesson to learn what is expected in home practice.  Students often need encouragement when they hit a plateau, or become frustrated with a skill they are trying to master.  Learning to play a musical instrument is challenging, but if you encourage your child to work through the challenge, he or she will be rewarded with the joy of being able to play piano!