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Roxane Lee, M. S.,  Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

piano guide

If you're interested in learning about the instrument your child uses in the studio, read the following. This information is also important to consider when you're buying a piano.

Buying a Piano

A piano is a big investment and you should research it thoroughly before you make a purchase.

I used the following book to help me purchase the studio piano.

"The Piano Book" by Larry Fine.  It's updated annually, so be sure you read the annual supplement for the most current information.  I have an older copy of the book that you may borrow.

Here are some useful links:

http://www.bluebookofpianos.com/ - Compiles new and used piano prices

http://www.pianoeducation.org/pnobuyng.html - Information about types of pianos and a buying guide

http://www.pianonet.com - National Piano Foundation

http://www.ptg.org/resources-pianoowners.php  - Piano Technicians Guild

Piano Showrooms in Connecticut -  Here are my recommendations in alphabetical order. 

Faust Harrison Pianos - Fairfield, CT

Shawn's Pianos - West Hartford, CT

Steinway Gallery - Greenwich, CT

Caring for Your Piano

Ideally, a piano should be in a location free from drastic changes in humidity or temperature.  A humidity control system such as a Dampp chaser, can be installed in the piano by a registered piano technician.  The instruments should be tuned twice year by a professional piano technician.

Piano Technicians:

Daniel Verechia, 609-217-8560, dverechia@gmail.com 

A directory of registered piano technicians can be found on the Piano Technicians Guild website.