Dedicated, Professional Piano Instruction

Roxane Lee, M. S.,  Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

programs for students

My students have the opportunity to participate in as many of these events as they wish.  There are also local, state and national competitions not listed here for exceptional students.

Performance Events:  

Young Composers Day, sponsored by Hartford Chapter CSMTA, which takes place in March. Students of any age or level may submit original compositions to be included in our Opus21 booklet, and to share in our Composers Recital.  Compositions submitted must be in the student's own handwriting, or printed on computer by the student—whichever method will provide the optimal learning experience.

Ensemble Festival, sponsored by the Western Chapter of the CSMTA,  held in the spring each year.  Students are matched with a partner(s) for a duet, duo or trio on one or two pianos. There is nothing better than making music with others! 

Adjudicated Events:      

Young Musicians’ Festival, www.ymfestival.org Fairfield University, sponsored by the Schubert Club of Fairfield County:  March  Students should be reading fluently on the staff before participating in this program.  Over 1000 students participate in this event in CT.  Students perform 2 memorized pieces for a panel of 2 independent judges, before an audience of their peers and families in a classroom setting.  The student receives an evaluation of their performance and a certificate 3 weeks after the event takes place.  Students must appear at their assigned time and times cannot be rescheduled.   Cost:  $15 or $25 if you wish to choose a specific day. 

Festivals offered by local chapter of the MTNA: Students can participate in the spring festival offered by the Western chapter or Hartford chapter of the MTNA.  Memorization of select pieces is required and depending on the event, an evaluation is given to the student.

Theory/Musicianship and Performance Programs:

Theory /Musicianship Programs:  Both programs will require independent work by the student in addition to regular practice time.  Students should have completed 1 year of study before participating.

Musicianship Achievement Program: (MAP) sponsored by the CT State Music Teachers’ Association, this is our state, graded theory program consisting of 10 levels.  Students can start at any level, but higher levels can include material from previous levels.  Students have the option of taking a written theory exam, or doing the full MAP which includes performance and musicianship (sight reading, ear training, technique) Cost: Theory Only: $12-$16 Full Map:  $22-$27

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (formerly known as) Carnegie Hall RCM Achievement Program:  Testing Center: New Haven, CT.  May   This program is the U. S. equivalent of the Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Program, which is internationally recognized and more comprehensive and challenging than the MAP program.   Practical piano and music theory examinations are conducted each year in select communities through a network of examination centers. Each year, more than 100,000 students participate in the internationally recognized Certificate Program.

I recommend this for parents who want their children to have a strong foundation in music theory.  Participation would require more extensive preparation than MAP.   Fees start at $62 for the theory exam only.  

Associated Board of the Royal School of Music Exams - piano and theory  Testing Center: Flushing, New York.  This program is based in London and includes the tests include playing, ear training, sight reading and technical skills.

Incentive Programs:

Students can earn a practice trophy by documenting 100 days of consecutive practice and keeping track on the practice chart.  The chart must be completed by April 1 of the school year in order to qualify for a trophy.

Students earn Bach bucks for participating in studio events and making weekly progress. Bach bucks may be used to shop in the studio store after any lesson.

For the 2017 holiday season, we will have "Practice for Peace". Lee Piano Studio will donate $5 to charity for every 2 hours a student practices from November