When you join the piano partner program, you’ll be matched with a student who is near your age and playing level, or an older student who will serve as a mentor.  Piano partners will send a short email to each other once a week, where they share information about each other, such as their school, activities, favorite video games, books, TV shows and include a brief video of their piano playing.  (60 seconds or less.)  The email should include a practice goal for the week.  Examples:  My teacher wants me to work on the rhythm of this piece.  My teacher wants me to be able to play the C scale with the metronome at 60 to the quarter note.  My teacher wants me to memorize 2 lines of “Happy  Dance”.  If partners agree with another way to communicate, such as text or live via facetime, Zoom, that is also fine, as long as both sets of parents approve.

Here’s an imaginary conversation between two piano partners, Hermione and Ginny.

Hi Hermione,

               I’m 10 years old and I’ve been taking piano lessons for 1 year.  I have a dog named Fluffy and a cat named Cuddles.  Do you have any pets? 

               This week my teacher wants to try to play with a steady beat. Here’s my video of me playing “Hogwarts Theme” with the metronome.


Hi Ginny,

               Your playing sounds great!  I’m 11 years old and I started taking lessons 2 years ago.  I have two guinea pigs named Kamala and Hilary.  They’re sisters.

               My teacher wants me to work on playing with dynamics, so here’s my video of “The Great Gryffindor”.


I’ll check in with you and your partner to see how your partnership is going.  It’s a very short time commitment and a chance to make a new friend. The program starts on Feb. 8.


Dedicated, Professional Piano Instruction

Roxane Lee, M. S.,  Nationally Certified Teacher of Music